The Remnants of Yesterday, 2021, a set of 21gelatine silver prints, porcelain, single-channel video 

The Remnants of Yesterday

The work is inspired by the observation of grandmother's daily practice of flipping the same photo album over and over in an attempt to recall to her faltering memory of the dearest people in her life. Having found the very cheongsam (a traditional garment of Chinese women) patched together from odds and ends by grandmother in the first family portrait from the album, I pressed it against a thin clay slab indexically recording each crease of the fabric, along with myriad memories of grandmother as the caretaker of the family.

I transformed the photographic process into a process of diary writing. In an attempt to echo that of grandmother's memory practice in struggling with amnesia. I repeatedly developed the translucent porcelain plate into a series of gelatin silver photos in range of shades. By bridging two mediums that both embrace timelessness, I highlight the delicate, unstable relations between the attempts to recall and the memories one could actually hold on to.














Image courtesy of Tai Kwun Contemporary. Photo: Kwan Sheung Chi.