w h e r e v e r  y o u  a r e  ,  b e  a l l  t h e r e

A Dual Solo Exhibition by Sharon Lee and Susanna Strasser- HUMan Inside


Location: The University of Applied Art, Vienna

Opening: 29.06.2015 18:30-12:30

The word ‘Human’ originates from the Latin word ‘Humus’ which means earth and ground. In Sharon and Susanna's work, ceramic, an earthly material is used as a medium to explore and study the concept of body. Sharon presents her works 'Hermit Crab' and "The Earthy Tent". She experiments the possibilities of outdoor ceramic and ceramic installation at a temporary space. Susanna's expressive and colourful porcelain works reveal her artistic practice in painting and her passion for ceramic. Her delicate drawings on porcelain contrast her irregular-shaped porcelains with flowing colours. This exhibition concludes our experiments in this semester in the ceramic studio.