w h e r e v e r  y o u  a r e  ,  b e  a l l  t h e r e

Think Tank


Single-channel Video, Bucket with ceramic, sponge and water





single-channel video, bucket, plastic chair, clay, water, bath sponge

video: 12 min, bucket and plastic chair: 40cm x 40cm x 68cm



This work stemmed from a simple idea—the most beautiful stones are not carved or manmade by force but gently washed by wind and rain through time, could I make a sculpture piece by washing? marks my experimentation of applying 'wash' on my sculpture making. The video captures me washing a block of clay with a bath sponge in the bathtub. I choose to wash my sculpture in the bathroom—a private space, a breathing space which is like my 'studio'. In Hong Kong, living space is so condensed, not to mention a proper studio but sometimes, even some private space for working and thinking seem luxurious. The action of wash is not simply a technique but a meditative process.


Instead of a static objectified sculpture, only the video visualizing the washing process, alongside placing a bucket of water with the precipitated washed-out clay and a muddy bath sponge are presented to the viewers. I consider sculpture as a 'process'—the action, the tool, the context and the time all counts. I regard Thinktank as an experimental piece, the idea and concept would be further expanded and consolidated in future art projects.