Wish You Well 祝君好
bronze, polaroids, ice, dual-channel colour videos
site-specific, size variable, 200 mins
location: Fountain & Greenhouse, Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens 

Hi! Flora, Fauna 邂逅!市中森

Exhibition period: 16.1 – 30.6.2021
Organizer: Art Promotion Office
Curatorial Partner (Image Art) : Lumenvisum
Music Collaborator: Hong Kong New Music Ensemble

 Wish You Well

The ‘Wish You Well ‘ polaroid project starts from a beautiful encounterance with the rainbow at the fountain. 


Since 1864, there has been a fountain in the centre of the park. It is named as ‘a hundred years of waterscape’ . When irst came across this expression. I find the name melancholy, as it ironically echoes to a tale we used to believe—‘Hong Kong shall remain unchanged for 50 years’. As ‘a city of transient’—a doorway, a point in between (Abbas, 1997), the city longs for something that could be claimed as historical or permanent. Since 1864, the fountain has been redesigned and furnished for four times throughout the centuries. After all, a rainbow has always been there in the fountain. 


Here lies a rainbow for wishful thinkers. 


Whenever the rainbow appears at the fountain, I invite visitors to make a wish upon the rainbow. This collective will is captured with polaorids recordign the bakc of every wishers. The devloping process of the polaroids images are video recorded. Yet, in a reverse manner, a fading impression is projected in qestioning the change and the unchange, the myth and the fate of the city. The polaroid project has been happening for a year, hundreds of wishers participated, the city’s space and history is re-imagined in the relational aesthetics.


歷史說,這水景百年不變。 他們說,香港五十年不變。 


由1864至今,這公家花園的中央有一個噴水池。 縱水池三次整修,但水景依舊,彩虹後有所有香港繁華的象徵。 若五十年不變是一個圖騰,百年不變是一個概念,至少還有雨後彩虹這種永恆不變的定律。

作為香港最歷史悠久的公園,它見證一切過渡與變遷。由起初屬港督的私⼈花園到成為香港首個「公家花園」(The Public Gardens - 舊明信片中的慣稱),由殖⺠遺物「兵頭花園」演變成現在的香港動植物公園。這噴水池該升格為一所許願池。