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The Crack of Dawn 
gelatin silver print in solarization
406 x 508 mm /print, a set of 9 prints

Hong Kong International Photo Festival 2020
Location: 304 Shanghai St, Yau Ma Tei

The Crack of Dawn

In 2014, I became an outlander; when I was home again, I lost "ourselves".

This lost became a crack between my peers and I. I tried to piece together the fainting landscape from our memories — a collective apparition image of the time past. I became a flaneur of time treading on the satellite maps and photographing a virtual road. Yet the fragmented street lamps only reminded me of the widening crack of our time and space. Today, this too should not matter: a much more expansive cityscape now resides in all of us here.

I ‘solarized’ the gelatin silver prints to project a nocturnal cityscape, blending a positive image with a negative. In darkness and gleam, I realise a window on Nathan Road, through which I mend the cracks in our memory, like a totem that is rooted in the present.

Through rephotograph, repetition and reposition, what was once touched by sunlight will only shine again.



It is a time-based and site-specific work in public space, taking natural lighting and the interaction of viewers into account. I rented a local narrow shop-window for exhibiting a wall of black gelatine silver prints in the public area. In the daytime, when the outside environment is too bright, the subtle image of the black prints are disappeared in reflection. All the viewers can see is the shadow of themselves on a “black mirror”, a void at the corner of the street. In the nighttime, when the outside becomes dimmed, viewers slowly get to see the image more clearly. The work experiments with the dynamics of time-space. 





這缺席隱隱成了我跟同代⼈的缺⼝,只好在各⼈印象中盲摸這風景。我到衛星地圖中重遊你們走過的街道,以菲林拍攝這虛擬「實景」,但那折開扭曲的路燈總提⽰時空的破口 。

我把這記憶的缺口修補成一扇「窗」, 成為彌敦道上的一道黑夜風景,一個於日常中可反照的圖騰。於顯影中途再曝光,於銀鹽相片中正負像合而為一;沒有了灰調子,只剩下黑白之間的光暈。




Photo courtesy of Kwan Sheung Chi & HKIPF.

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