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Video Interview / Exhibition Tour

李卓媛的創作理念 | 圓缺俱樂部 Sharon Lee—A Brief Intro | emo gym | 大館當代美術館 Tai Kwun Contemporary

《圓缺俱樂部》展覽網上導賞 "emo gym" Exhibition Online Guided Tour | 大館當代美術館 Tai Kwun Contemporary

《圓缺俱樂部》展覽 "emo gym" Exhibition | 大館當代美術館 Tai Kwun Contemporary

「邂逅!市中森」藝術家分享:時間地景 "Hi! Flora, Fauna" Artist Sharing: Time Landscape

WMA Masters 大師攝影獎 2018/19 得主 Winner - 李卓媛 Sharon LEE

Art Review

Exposure Award of Photofairs Shanghai | In Conversation with M+ and V&A museum curators: Isabella Tam & Lisa Spinger
** 23:00-31:37 - on Sharon Lee's If Tomorrow Never Comes **


Peer to Peer: UK/HK Prompts Questions on the Execution of Art in a Digital World

by Denise Tsui, Managing Editor for CoBo Social, 27.11.2020

New Commission Works for Online Festival Peer to Peer: UK/HK Pushes the Conceptual Possibilities of New Media Art

by Denise Tsui, Managing Editor for CoBo Social, 26.10.2020

Peer to Peer: UK/HK – Online festivals as a gateway to intercultural exchange

by Christie Yung-hei Chan, 13.11.2020 


Hong Kong artists explore what opportunity means to them in WMA Masters’ photo competition

by Jennifer Creery, Hong Kong Free Press, 04.30.2019


A Conversation with Sharon Lee - To Be Observant

by ManSum Wong, Obscura, 28.04.2019

Yang Yeung's Review on WMA Masters Annual Exhibition- Opportunity 

by Yang Yeung, Art Appraisal Club, 24.04.2019


2018/19 WMA大師攝影獎得主李卓媛

by Arts News,15.04.2019


by 吉暝水, 立場新聞, 29.10.2018

Energie wird Klang
by Sabine Tholund, Stadttöpferei Neumünster, 04 May 2017


一蛋一世界 那一天藝術家從碎蛋殼看到了宇宙……

by 潘浩欣, HK01, 01.03.2017

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