Sharon Lee obtained her BA in Fine Arts from The Chinese University of Hong Kong and is currently an MFA degree candidate at the same university. 'Re' as her artistic strategy conceptually and technically: in the name of re-search and creation; of examining “disappearance” as an artistic means to challenge “disappearance” as a cultural concept; of re-garding the analog-digital hybrid of image construction; of re-sisting empty photography in the post-photography era. Lee's photography art experiments with alternative photographic processes and sculptural materials.

She participated in several art residencies in Germany and Taiwan in 2017 and 2018. She was awarded the “New Light Exhibition Scheme” by Lumenvisum in 2017 and the Winner of “WMA Masters Award 2018/19” with her work The Crescent Void in 2019. She was the recipient of the Cultural Exchange Arts Development Fund by Art Development Council, the Talent Development Scholarship 2019/20 (culture, arts & design) by HKSAR Government. The latest group exhibitions include WMA Annual Exhibition – Opportunity! at Hong Kong City Hall in 2019, Hong Kong International Photo Festival and Peer to Peer: UK/HK Online Festival in 2020, and Hi! Flora, Fauna the exhibition organised by APO at Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens in 2021.  

李卓媛畢業於香港中文大學,獲藝術學士學位,現正攻讀藝術碩士學位。以 RE(複/復/覆)作為她攝影藝術中的觀念與手法,對影像氾濫的「後影像」時代叩問,探討文化與歷史的表現與再現。作品以「過去未來式」探討歷史與記憶,消逝與依存。她建構出介乎菲林與數碼攝影之間的混合體,探索物料與影像之間的互換性。

2017年,獲光影作坊選拔參與「New Light—青年攝影創作系列」;2019年,憑作品《缺景》贏得「WMA大師攝影獎」。她曾於2017及2018年獲藝術發展局頒發「藝術發展基金(文化交流計劃)」到德國與台北參與藝術駐留計劃,並於2020年獲頒「香港特別行政區政府獎學基金-才藝發展獎學金」。最新的聯展包括:2019年在香港大會堂展出的「機遇!WMA 年度展覽」、2020年參與「香港國際攝影節」及「Peer to Peer: UK/HK」線上展覽、以及2021年由藝術推廣辦事處推出的「邂逅!市中森」藝術項目。

Sharon Lee Cheuk Wun


Born 1992, Hong Kong

Lives and works in Hong Kong


2019–2021                         Master of Fine Arts, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (candidate)


2012–2016                         Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Fine Arts, The Chinese University of Hong Kong                                             


2014–2015                         University of Vienna & University of Applied Arts Vienna, Austria


2004–2011                         Heep Yunn School, Hong Kong


2021                                    If Tomorrow Never Comes – CUHK MFA Graduation Exhibition 2021

                                              Ching Ming Building, The Chinese University of Hong Kong   

2017                                    The Presence of Absence – New Light Award 

                                             Lumenvisum, JCCAC, Hong Kong


2021                                    Wish You Well, Karin Weber gallery, Hong Kong

2021                                    Hong Kong International Photo Festival 2021 Satellite Exhibition

                                             Gallery Z, JCCAC, Hong Kong


2021                                    The Listening Biennial, Errant Sound, Berlin, Germany

2021                                      Hong Kong Photobook Festival, Hong Kong

2021                                     Hi! Flora, Fauna, Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens
                                             Art Promotion Office (APO), Hong Kong

2020                                     Peer to Peer: UK/HK Online Festival, United Kingdom


2020                                     Hong Kong International Photo Festival 2020 Photographer Incubator Exhibition

                                             PRÉCÉDÉE & Nathan Road


2019                                     WMA Annual Exhibition – Opportunity!

                                              Hong Kong City Hall, Hong Kong

2018                                     Hong Kong International Photo Festival 2018 Satellite Exhibition

                                              Gallery Z, JCCAC, Hong Kong         

2017                                     Reconstructing Photography

                                              Dali International Photography Festival, Dali, Yunnan, China


2017                                     Ceramic Artist Exchange Tandem Exhibition by Bastienne Kramer and Sharon Lee                                                                                                  Künstlerhaus Stadttöpferei, Neumünster, Germany


2016                                     Fresh Trend–Art Graduates Joint Exhibition                     

                                              Hong Kong City Hall, Hong Kong


2016                                     Farewell Ms Ivory  B.A. Fine Arts Graduation Exhibition

                                              Art Museum, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong


2020                                      Talent Development Scholarship 2019/20 ( culture, arts & design ), HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund

2019                                      WMA Masters Award 2018/19 - Winner, WYNG Foundation

2018                                      Cultural Exchange Arts Development Fund, Art Development Council (ADC)

2017                                      Lumenvisum • New Light VIII 2017


2016                                      Mr.Kevin Chan Scholarship for the Department of Fine Arts, New Asia College, CUHK 


2015                                      Peter Curzon Oram Charitable Trust Scholarship 2015/16, CUHK


2015                                      Mr.Lai & Mrs.Lai Student Exchange Scholarship, New Asia College, CUHK    


2013                                      Good Earth Foundation Scholarship, CUHK     


2013                                      Reaching Out Award, HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund




2018                                      Artist-in-Residence, Taipei International Artist Village, Taipei, Taiwan


2017                                      Artist-in-Residence, Ceramic Artist Exchange Tandem 2017, Neumünster, Germany


2016                                      Asia Art Archive PageNEXT–Taipei Exchange, Bamboo Curtain Studio, Taipei, Taiwan


2015                                      Academic Exchange, University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria


2013                                      New Asia College / Yale University Exchange Programme, Yale University, U.S.A.