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Breathing Gaze 呼吸的凝視

Pinhole photography, two-channel video

Prints: 142.2x72.6 cm (a set 2), 199x75.6 cm (a set 2), Video: 6 mins

香港浸會大學栽種和平項目藝術展覽 HKBU Cultivating Peace program art exhibition —飄浮板塊 Floating Platforms1a space







Humans have invented machines, gradually replacing vision with machines, overriding the senses, and even controlling expression and thought. The work uses pinhole photography as a practice, trying to eliminate the boundary between the body and the photographic machine, and integrate the two into one.


The images link the rhythm of breathing. A tiny breath supports our body, and also as a proof of existence. Shaking images show the breathing and gaze behind the camera, and the aerial view is also the sum of people’s interactions in the community.


Do the individuals form the community, or does the community contain the individuals? This work hopes to use the papaya box picked up and the original optics to explore its own existence, and observe the interaction between the community and space.




參與同學及人員 Participating students & staff


聖公會諸聖中學 S.K.H. All Saints’ Middle School:

吳雯欣 Wu Man Yan

王歡欣 Wang Huanxin

朱若嵐 Zhu Ruolan

劉夢丹 Liu Mengdan

張穎鈞 Zhang Yingjun

李依玟 Li Yiwen

甄雅琳 Zhen Yalin


香港浸會大學 HKBU:

黎頴蒑 Lai Wing Yan

馬焯楠 Ma Cheuk Nam


協助同工 Assisting staff:

陳翠欣 Chan Chui Yun(聖雅各福群會 St James’ Settlement

張樂瑤 Celia Cheong


影片製作 Video production:

謝文傑 Kenneth Tse


Exhibition documentation: Kenneth Tse (Mkenneth)


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